i like niall, ok.

Hi! I'm Molly, this is my blog for one direction stuff (mainly niall, oops), and if you have a question, request or feel like talking then find my ask!

—Niall and Harry on Nova FM Fitzy and Wippa

'and then go home uh- go home to my..self' x

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Anonymous asked: *i drive around town, not knowing where to go but only going to keep my mind off you*-N

*i stay at home by myself, annoyed that you left so suddenly and with no explanation*

Anonymous asked: *after a couple of hours of ignoring each other I get dressed and go downstairs, grabbing my phone and keys and walking out the door*-N

*i see you walk out, rolling my eyes and scoffing when you don’t even acknowledge my presence*

Anonymous asked: *i lay onto the bed and scroll through twitter, guilt of being so short with you starting to get at me*-N

*I wonder where you are, but force myself to shrug it off*

Anonymous asked: *when I'm finally done in the shower, I wrap it around my waist and walked into our now empty room*-N

*i sit in the living room downstairs, watching tv and on my phone*

Anonymous asked: *i let the water run over me, trying to ignore the stunt that was haunting the back of my mind*-N

*I’m frustrated that you won’t talk about it until I finally decide to just ignore you, needing time to think*

Anonymous asked: I can't say anything Molly, my words mean nothing against facts *i pull my hand away and go into the bathroom, stripping and getting into the shower*-N

*my hands run over my face in frustration and I stay in bed*

Anonymous asked: *i stay silent and sigh deeply*-N

*i place my hand on top of yours* please say something…*i beg slightly*