i like niall, ok.

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Anonymous asked: *i hold my arm out for you to link yours into and smile as we walk just down the street to the small restaurant*-N

*we walk in and get seated, and I smile around at the place before looking to you* this is beautiful, thank you Niall.

Anonymous asked: business casual I guess, so a dress but not a fancy one *i call out from the bathroom, my answer muffled from brushing my teeth*-N

Okay. *i nod and pick something out, putting it on and doing my makeup and such. Once I’m done I come out and see you’re already sitting on the bed*

Anonymous asked: yeah, that'll be good *i nod and brush a piece of your hair from your eyes*-N (yeah that'll work)

*we end up walking through the city again until it becomes dark and we head back to the hotel to change* Ni? Is this fancy, or…

Anonymous asked: *i shrug and struggle to sit up, but eventually sit with my back against the headboard*-N

Maybe we could check out some things around town again?…*i offer and sit up too* (if you wanted we could always just skip to that night haha, I can’t think of much aha)


but Let’s talk about Niall being his kids soccer coach I mean look 

here you have him being the supportive dad teaching his son how to play 

and then during the games hes being the serious coach

and get so into the game

and he’ll be so happy when his son or daughter scores

he’ll probably do a little jump of somethin

In conclusion Niall will definitely coach his kid’s soccer team and it will be the best thing ever 

Andy Samuels: revenge ha ha

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